The chicken and the egg

I have a group of women that I get to meet with every month – all like minded mothers looking inward, sharing ourselves with one another…all with the goal of becoming better people, better mothers and also, with no goal at all. I wish this kind of group for every woman on the planet. After our last session, one of the ladies was inspired and wrote this. I was moved and am posting it here (with her permission, of course – thanks Shannon!). Enjoy….


The chicken and the egg

Small hands extricate the spider and her delicate sack

from the bicycle pedal.  The sack, as large and as bulging

on her tiny frame as Santa’s, is admired, her progress tracked

across the path, speculation raining down how many babies

are transported to safety thus, tiny

as angels.


Watching her girls’ industry, she considers the chicken

and the egg,  the theory it is the egg that comes first after all, genetic

transformation unfurling on the  zygotic level. One being emerging

from another because of some small rearrangement of code,

some unforeseen shift. A mystery emerging in the center

of mysteries.


The spider and her babies are abandoned for the joys

of riding downhill.  The silken thread of this logic snaps and floats

away from her.  There are cars to watch for and helmets to adjust.

She cradles the shell of their day, the unbearable beauty

of their still delicate skulls as they push and pedal

home, dimly aware of a constant


– Shannon Baley                                                                                                           © June 2011

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