Once Upon a Time

Sometimes when I least expect it, magical moments abound. Our front lawn project was finished today and I’m kind of in love with it. Sometimes, in the middle of these types of projects, I second guess myself in spending money on this kind of thing – certainly not a necessity in life. It feels a little indulgent to spend lots just to be more inspired, even if my mantra in life these days is to seek out all that inspires me. But now that it’s done, there are no qualms. I was actually excited about driving up to our house today. Every time I pulled in to our driveway, magic was there.

Then after my run in 100 degree heat (yes, I am insane), though I do think it might have dropped to 98 by the time I actually left, I drove over to one of my favorite stores on this planet – because it inspires me in many ways – Whole Foods. It is Austin’s gargantuan mecca of all things healthy and bright, including a community spirit that reflects these same qualities. I got up to the register and realized I didn’t have my wallet. Aside from panicking that I had left it at the sno-cone trailer earlier today (yet another Austin institution, which is not very healthy but indeed bright), I desparately did not want to go home without dinner. Not to worry – my dinner was free. Yes, I am an extremely loyal customer who spends thousands there, but the lady at the counter didn’t know that. My heart was officially warmed and my tummy officially satisfied.

Then as I was finishing up my dinner and diving into my book, I noticed that my foot had involuntarily started tapping. I came out of the depths of the Dominican Republican’s political disarray to realize that a fabulous little band had started a little impromptu show not 10 feet in front of me. Then they gave me free music. Enjoy the magic. This is the song they were playing, and not the free one. Fork in the Road 

My evening ended with me realizing that my wallet had not been carried off by the bees at the sno-cone trailer, but was sitting on my counter at home, safe and sound. Perhaps not magical, but a lovely end to my tale. And I live happily ever after. (and btw, i’ve got two magical munchkins asleep in their beds.)

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