On Being a Woman

A Powerful Noise
The International Women’s Day event I attended (along with 2 fabulous ladies)

Miss Representation
I love this film and want the world to see it. Take the Pledge or Organize a screening!

Other Blogs
A friend’s family (very entertaining) site

Attachment Mama
I am not, technically speaking, an ‘attachment parent’, but love my friend’s site…

Live Mom
Blogg’n Mamas Everywhere

Wendi Aarons
When you need a laugh…

Peace Love and Guacamole
When you need to smile

Some Things I Love

Sweet Songs
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cd. Track 11 will make you boo hoo, but in a really sweet way

Rue La La
I have not been shy about the fact that I love shopping. If you need an invite for this site, let me know!

Slow Family Living
‘slow’ is a relative thing, but any parent can appreciate this….

All You Need is Love
I could subscribe to the church of the Beatles

Danny MacAskill
wow. wow. wow.