It’s Real. And Organic.

There are a few things that I really love in this world…

  • My family
  • Friends
  • Whole Foods
  • Dancing. But not just dancing, like, getting my groove on, shak’n my bootie, freak’n.

And then there’s someone who crawls into my head and pulls out parts of me and molds them into One. Creative. Masterpiece.

OK, so my family and friends do not appear in the video, but you get the idea. While I watched this the first time, I felt like it was me, in video-format. Like if I had any musical talent, any lyric-writing ability, any creative bones in my body, I might have wanted to come up with it. But I don’t have any of these things, so I rely on the creativity of others, and sometimes, people create shit that is like, my shit. Like, it’s made for me. It makes me feel one with the world. Thanks, homies. Gotta go and shake it…..

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