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I finally signed up for a writing workshop….I have to do this periodically when I am just not making any time for writing. I haven’t been for a few months now, so it was time. It’s a great free-form workshop with lots of prompts and inspiration, with the focus on just getting us writing. By hand even. There’s something nice about that. So, I’m hoping at least for the next few weeks, I’ll be able to at least post on Wed mornings using something from the night before.  The first one was just a prompt to introduce ourselves to the class. While most of you reading this blog already know me, I’m posting it here anyway, because in addition to ‘just getting me writing’, I want to get back into the habit of ‘just posting’!


Who I am seems like much too complex of a question, but here’s a bit about me. I am married to a brilliant, beautiful man with whom I am a little bit ridiculously in love with. We’ve been married for 7 years. We have 2 beautiful, if I do say so myself, children – Max (6) and Eliana (almost 4) – and I feel so blessed to have these to beings under my watch. They are healthy and spirited and challenging and lively and they make life (or me)really really crazy, yet, they are also a grounding force, in their own crazy ways.

I am a kind, compassionate, smart sometimes funny feminist who enjoys being a woman, fighting for women and hanging out with my women friends. I get a LOT of energy from my female homies. Wait, can a homie be female? Anyway, I am also a marketing consultant – I started my own Marketing Boutique two years ago with two dear, dear friends who have become even more dear to me through our business adventure together.

I have tons of issues with money, which will probably come out in an essay or two, just like it did here – out of nowhere – jumping out wherever it can because it has been on my mind. In my space. And not – because that’s my issue with it – that I have trouble letting it flow – but you know what? The universe took care of me and sent me a brilliant business man to go ahead and fall in love with. But having money doesn’t actually keep me from having issues with it, if you know what I mean.

I am also a writer – I have a blog at and that is very much the reason I am here tonight. I love to write. It soothes me on so many levels and inspires me on so many more. I know there is a very creative me in here somewhere that I didn’t tap into for a lot of years of my life and for the past few, I’ve realized how important it is to nurture her. YET (capital Y, Capital E, capital T) I don’t always make time for writing. My blog is an attestation to this with months of unsung posts, i.e. nothing. I always intend to write – it’s always on the list, but I rarely, after work, running (I heart running), kids, family, singing (my other creative outlet – I’ve been taking lessons now for a couple of years just so I can finally do karaoke, which is oh-my-god so much fun), friends, husband, laundry, home, etc. etc. leave time for writing.

I sometimes wonder…do I need to pay $100 just to make time for this (note money issues from earlier)?  And then I finally say, “yes, I do!” 

More about the class, if any of you locals are interested (Dean Lofton is just a lovely person to get to know, beside):

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