Evolution anyone?

I was inquiring today to my almost-5 year old, as to the location of his one and only sweater. He didn’t know. I do not understand how, but we actually LOSE clothes of his on a fairly regular basis. When I explained that I needed to gather all of our cold-weather clothes for our trip to Wisconsin this week, he thought for a moment and then said,

“weeeellllll, we could kill an animal and then use it’s fur to make me a sweater”

“That’s not very nice”, I calmly stated, despite my shock. I then questioned, “You are going to kill an animal for his fur?”

“But we can eat the meat and then leave the bones and other scraps for the vultures.”

Problem solved. Not a Buddhist mother’s dream response, but I had to give it to him for thinking it through. Especially as we do eat meat in our household, I felt that it was best to let it go there. There was a short silence.

“But we do need to clean the blood from the inside”

“Good thinking, Max, good thinking.” sigh.

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