Back and Forth

I’m back! Sort of. I am physically here. I flew back on an airplane just over 48 hours ago or so. I am in my ‘transition time’, the time it takes me to really get back, especially crossing umpteen time-zones. My children feel it too – mama’s back but not really back – it’s very frustrating for them, but I can’t seem to help it or rush it. During this time, I’m always amazed at how quickly I go back to feeling like banging my head against the wall over the things I was glad to get away from – bedtime, nap-time, and the constant “play with me’s.” It just takes me a couple days to remind myself of my role – to set boundaries and to stick to them – something I’m not particularly good at so it takes energy, something I’m lacking during this ‘transition time’. I just have to get my parenting-legs back.

Yesterday, my first run in Austin was like a big warm, I mean hot and humid embrace, but which helped me get one step closer to being back. I’m almost here. In the mean time…a cute conversation with my 5-year old… He was trying on my sunglasses and was thrilled to discover that they fit him very well (it’s true – he’s got a big head, me a very small one). He asked if he could wear them the next time we go to the beach or pool and the conversation went something like this…

Me: You have your own sunglasses, Max.

Max: But those are cycling sunglasses (when he got them in his stocking, this is how they were “sold”, that they made him look like a cyclist, like dada).

Me: Well, you can wear them for other things.

Max: No, I would rather just wear yours.

Me: But then what am I going to wear?

Max: Your red ones. (soooo, you have an inventory of my accessories wardrobe in that head of yours?)

Me: Oh right, but those are my running sunglasses. (I grimaced, knowing exactly what was coming)

Max: Well, you can wear them for other things (mimicked exactly how I had said it to him just moments before).

Touché, Max, Touché

And, btw, I surrender.

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