If one believes in signs from the universe, or God, or whatever, then I wonder what I am being told. In the last two days, I first saw a bumper sticker that said, “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”. Today I was indulging in a dove chocolate and what may I find as my daily message inside the wrapper? Yes, the same one. While it’s a pretty popular saying, this seems rather directed. I have not yet decided if I want to make history, but I think maybe someone’s telling me to be a little bad >-)

Silence Really is Golden

My daughter started preschool recently and this has brought an unexpected benefit to my life. Of course, this has offered me a small amount of time to be free from children in order to work, work out, write, socialize, nap (in theory), read, etc., but the unexpected benefit is that on 3 days of the week, for ~ 2 ½ hours, I have the house to myself. We have had part-time help, for a while now, so that I can have time to be free from children in order to work, work out, write, socialize, nap (in theory), read, etc., so I wasn’t really thinking that having Eliana start school would change my life much. But on the first day, after dropping her off, and then going through all of the usual mommy emotions of the first-day-of-school-drop-off (though it was easier than going through that with my first), I arrived back to a home that I forgot existed…a quiet one.

My husband also often works from home, but recently has been going into the office – adding to this unexpected bonus. So – no husband’s wheeling and dealing phone calls to listen to. No nanny or children. No one to cry when I leave the room. No one to ‘hide’ from – sometimes I am in my room working away, starving, but don’t want to go downstairs because I am afraid of being spotted and having to go through another interaction / withdrawal synopsis. No children’s music. As cute as it is, no sounds of children playing. And no one knocking on my door to tell me they have to go ah-ah (German word for poop that we use around this house). In the place of this lively and lovely commotion is a wonderful, full silence that soothes my soul like a good snuggle in bed on a cold, rainy day.

That first day, I just stood in the kitchen, listening to the silence, well, and our birds, who are always lively, but stood listening, remembering what ‘alone time’ really is. For most people with children, most alone time is gained by leaving the house – to the gym, to the coffee shop, out for dinner – not exactly alone – but I had forgotten about this precious commodity – home alone. It is time for me now, in fact, to go pick up the children from their respective schools and so this silence will fill with sounds, again, of young life. A sound that is even more beautiful when it follows the silence.